New design China Supplier IXPE double-sided tapes

Short Description:

IXPE double-sided tape is made of IXPE foam as the base material coated with solvent-based (or hot-melt) pressure sensitive adhesive on one or both sides and then recoated with release paper.
It has four layers of structure: acrylic binder layer, independent bubble structure, acrylic binder layer and peel paper, and polyethylene is its main raw material.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Key Specifications/Special Features

* All other specifications required such as width,length,thickness,type of glue,with or without lining paper can be customized.

Product substrate IXPE
Color of the product substrate White, gray, black
Color of release film Red, dark green
Glue Factice, rubber, etc.
Total thickness of product substrate 0.5mm-2mm
Temperature resistance -20-120
Use of the product Car, electronic appliances, high-speed railway, furniture etc.

Processing Steps

Coating     →     Rewinding     →     Cutting



IXPE double-sided tape has characteristics such as strong adhesive force, good weather resistance, waterproof, solvent resistance, anti-aging and elastic foam base material, providing excellent adhesion effect to uneven surface.
It is widely applied for pasting and fixing the photo frame decoration strip, automobile trim, wave plate, wheel arc, baffle, plate brake lamp, automobile, motorcycle sign, electronic industry, furniture industry, metal construction and other aspects.


Packaging & Shippment

FOB Port: Ningbo
Lead Time:15- 30 days
Regular packaging:

Length*WidthROLL ROLLS/CTN Weight
45mm*50m 63 13KG
50mm*50m 54 13KG
54mm*48m 54 13KG
54mm*50m 54 13KG
50mm*100m 36 13KG
50mm*50m 36 13KG
50mm*50m 36 13KG
45mm*100m 42 14.32KG
50mm*100m 36 13.24KG
45mm*595m 3 7.58KG
50mm*595m 3 8.46KG
40mm*50m 72 11.32KG
45mm*100m 36 12KG
40mm*680m 4 14.12KG

Remarks: The packing varies according to the specifications of the products.


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