How to improve the adhesion of pressure sensitive adhesive on non-residual adhesive tape

For tapes that use PP and PET substrates, “no residue” requires high adhesion of pressure-sensitive adhesives. In order to achieve the best adhesion effect, tape manufacturers can consider the use of PP,PET film corona treatment, and then on the basis of corona in PP,PET film surface coating agent, in order to improve the adhesion of pressure sensitive adhesive on PP,PE,PET and other substrates.

Industrial tapes are made of a variety of substrates. Depending on the characteristics of the sample, the substrate may be polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyester (PET), or polyimide (PI) films. Some special purpose tape, will also use metal film, such as copper, aluminum and so on as the base material. On these substrates, the adhesive tape is applied.

There are many kinds of tape, because of different functions, and with the actual needs, so there are a variety of different purposes of tape. Adhesion, however, is still the most basic requirement for these tapes. Other features, such as weather resistance, no residue and high stability, are required for different purposes.

No glue residue refers to when the tape is torn off, basically not off the glue (no glue residue), improve the cleaning efficiency, and to achieve a beautiful effect. No residual adhesive tape mainly includes the following:

Don’t glue that transparent PP tape: no residual adhesive tape transparent tape is usually with PP as the substrate, is mainly used for laser phototypesetter, large stores, supermarkets and restaurant chains for indoor posters, within 7 days of ripped out outdoor posters, housing intermediary paste on the glass, such as advertising, and family and kindergarten in places such as post pictures, paper, etc. ;

Non-residual adhesive tape (Bucky tape) : Non-residual adhesive tape (Bucky tape) is mainly used for indoor exhibition or hotel carpet paste edge, or indoor temporary repair ground damage, stick the insulation cotton on the pipeline, repair sofa and so on after the use of cleaning;

Non-residual transparent PET tape: Non-residual transparent PET tape is made of transparent polyester film with high strength glass fiber as composite substrate and single-side coated with special thermosetting synthetic rubber pressure-sensitive adhesive. Mainly applicable to transformer coil, cable wire core insulation winding reinforcement, electric motors, heavy equipment, coil wrapping and color tube explosion-proof, liquid crystal plasma panel fastening and fixed insulation.

For tapes that use PP and PET substrates, “no residue” requires high adhesion of pressure-sensitive adhesives. For best adhesion, tape manufacturers can consider:

Corona treatment is carried out on PP and PET film used for adhesive tape.

The result of corona or flame treatment is the formation of a layer of chemical bonds with oxide groups on the surface of the material, thus improving the polarity and chemical reactivity of the surface. Corona or flame treatment is usually done by the film supplier, if you need to do it yourself, you must pay attention to the power and time of the corona. If there is not enough corona, there will not be enough polarity groups; Excessive corona will cause material surface damage, reduce the material surface strength, and thus reduce the final adhesion. In addition, surface pretreatment is usually time-sensitive. Although the surface tension of the membrane increases after treatment, this state is physically unstable. After a period of time, small oily molecules in the material body, such as low-molecular weight resins or plasticizers, and oily substances in the air, will migrate to the surface of the membrane, thus reducing the surface tension again. This phenomenon exists in all corona materials, and especially in materials with glass transition temperature lower than room temperature, such as PP, PE, etc.

2. On the basis of corona treatment, coating PP, BOPP, PE tape glue | | bottom coating agent adhesion agent, in order to improve the adhesive properties of pressure sensitive adhesive.

Bottom coating agent, such as the United States to China tianjin company of PP, BOPP, PE tape glue | | bottom coating agent adhesion promoter function is to improve the adhesion between adhesive and plastic film. In addition to the factors of the material itself, coating process also plays a considerable role. First of all, to ensure a certain film thickness. Usually the thicker the film, the better the effect of stress release, of course, the higher the cost will be, the higher the drying/curing conditions. In addition, the drying process should be in accordance with the supplier’s prompts, according to the business’s own equipment conditions and determined. In principle, the bottom coating product should be completely dry, otherwise it will affect its function. Different films will have different limitations on the drying temperature. The temperature resistance of PET film is higher than that of PP. The drying temperature can also be increased accordingly to improve the working efficiency. In the process of adjusting the process conditions, the technical service ability of the supplier is very important, and it must be able to assist the user to adjust the process conditions to the best.

Post time: Jul-21-2021