How to improve the static electricity of aluminum foil tape in use

Aluminum foil tape is a kind of industrial tape, is a kind of high adhesive type uv proof ability of new external corrosion protection materials, can be used in all kinds of transformers, laptops, computers, mobile phones, LED displays, copiers and other electronic products, mainly electromagnetic shielding functions, also used in the refrigerator, air conditioner, automobile, etc. Main functions: 1.sealing and waterproof: mainly used to repair some gaps, paste with aluminum foil tape can play a sealing role, but also has waterproof function. 2. Prevent aging: Wrap the gas pipeline, for example, there are holes in the pipeline, you can use aluminum foil tape to wrap, so that the gas pipeline can be used again without leakage. 3. Heat preservation performance: aluminum foil tape can effectively prevent temperature emission, play a heat preservation role, and avoid heat emission out. It is widely used in refrigerator and air conditioning manufacturing industry.

The back of the aluminum foil tape is usually covered with release agent, which plays the role of release with pressure sensitive adhesive. At present, the release agent of the aluminum foil tape is the release agent of silicone, which is conducive to reduce the adhesive surface of the aluminum foil tape in the process of use and easier to separate from the release layer, so as to facilitate the use of aluminum foil tape.

But in the process of use, some aluminum foil tapes will encounter the problem of static electricity, easy to cause the use of aluminum foil tape due to the generation of static electricity caused by folding, adhesion. How can this problem be solved? Let’s listen to Ningbo Yurun adhesive Technology Co., LTD.

Actually can be considered at the time of mixing silicone mold release agent to join three or four copies of ethoxy bay cool amine, is conducive to enhance the antistatic property of organic silicon mold release agent, so as to avoid the aluminum foil tape pull to unavailable, mold surface is not easy because of the use of aluminum foil tape in the process of electrostatic attraction and fold, lead to aluminum foil tape, glue surface bonding and difficult to separate from each other, Facilitate the use of aluminum foil tape. Some plus 3 copies of the polyimide and isocyanate, improve the high temperature resistant performance of silicone mold release agent, at the same time ethoxy laurel cool amine and polyimide amino easily react with isocyanate, make the each other between the molecular chain entanglement, so that the tensile strength of the silicone mold release agent enhanced, making aluminum foil tape is not easy to be damaged, not easy craze.

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Post time: Sep-08-2022