The domestic adhesive tape market has a large development space

Recently, the reporter understands when attending the 15th China adhesive and adhesive belt industry annual meeting, the adhesive belt that our country medical treatment uses at present 90% above relies on import. Electronic adhesive tape has more than 60% rely on imports, experts inside the course of study think, future adhesive tape market development space is very big.

Yang Xu, secretary general of China Adhesive and Adhesive Tape Industry Association, told reporters that in 2011, China’s adhesive tape output of 14.8 billion square meters, output growth of 8.8%, sales of 29.53 billion yuan, sales growth of 9.4%. In the next few years, the domestic adhesive tape market space is very large, among which, the annual growth rate of general products (such as BOPP adhesive tape, PVC electrical adhesive tape) is expected to be 4% ~ 5%, and the annual growth rate of special adhesive tape, high-temperature resistant adhesive tape, high-performance protective film tape and PET adhesive tape and other high-tech products is expected to be 7% ~ 8%. The higher requirements for the characteristics and new functions of the adhesive tape in medical and health, electronic and electrical industries will promote the in-depth development of the domestic adhesive tape industry.

Gao Qilin, deputy general manager of research and development at Siwei Enterprise Co., Ltd., said that in the increasingly developing medical devices and consumables industry, transparent dressings, electrocardiogram electrodes, blood lipid, blood sugar and other test strips cannot be separated from the application of pressure-sensitive tape. The global market for wound dressings was $11.53 billion in 2010 and reached $12.46 billion in 2012, an increase of nearly 8%. The company is very optimistic about the future of pressure-sensitive medical tape and wound dressings.

Electronic adhesive belt is used likewise effect is not small, xia jianjun of senior plane division of center of research and development of TCL multimedia tells a reporter, the adhesive material used in the television includes sponge, rubber, glass, it is solid double-sided tape normally. In addition to TV protective film, fiberglass tape, PCB board barcode, fuselage film, outer packing box barcode labels and advertising stickers are also inseparable from the use of adhesive tape. In 2010, the domestic electronic adhesive tape market was 5.5 million yuan, and in 2012, this figure rose to 10 million yuan, almost doubled. The development of TV, mobile phone and other electronic products will largely stimulate the demand for upstream adhesive tape, domestic enterprises should make preparations early to seize this business opportunity.

Post time: Jul-21-2021