The effect of seasonal changes on tape

Tape is a common auxiliary material in our life, whether it is used in daily life or with special functions in industry. With the change of four seasons, the temperature also varies greatly, from the cold of -10℃ in winter to the extreme heat of 40℃ in summer. The tape is used all year round, so how much influence the temperature in different seasons has on the adhesive tape?

Usually, the glue solvent of adhesive tape includes water glue, oil glue, hot melt glue, rubber and silica gel, etc. Silica gel glue is often used in high temperature resistant adhesive tape, and the temperature resistance is generally above 200℃, so there is no need to worry that the temperature difference brought by the seasonal change will affect the adhesive tape coated with silica gel glue. Compared with silicone glue, the temperature resistance of water glue, oil glue, hot melt glue and rubber glue is not so high. Water glue, oil glue and hot melt glue are generally used at room temperature, and the high temperature resistance is about 80℃. Although the summer is hot, the temperature is far less than 80℃, so the tape influence of the use of water glue, oil glue and hot melt glue is not very big. But it still slightly affects the stickiness. In practice, hot melt adhesive tape has the worst weather resistance. In winter, the temperature is suddenly cold, and the viscosity may decrease or even disappear when used outdoors. In summer, the hot melt adhesive glue will become soft, and it is easy to residual glue and overflow glue. The rubber type glue has high temperature resistance, and the highest temperature resistance can reach 200℃. The adhesive tape with rubber type glue is less affected by the climate, and the rubber property is stable. It can be used at ease.

According to the research of our engineers, the pressure-sensitive adhesive has special viscoelasticity, which produces viscosity under the action of external force, so as to achieve close contact with the object to be glued, and produce wetting and penetration on the surface of the object to be glued.

It can be seen that pressure sensitive adhesive exerts its adhesive force by two elements: viscoelasticity and external force. The viscoelasticity of pressure sensitive adhesive is mainly related to the variety and formula of the adhesive elastomer. External forces include the use of the tape environment (temperature, humidity), paste method and paste size, the material and surface cleanliness of the object to be glued, surface shape, so in the face of seasonal changes to do the following:

1, the factory should adjust the formula of the adhesive according to the seasonal changes, which is an active and positive measure.

2. Sales personnel should understand the adverse effects of seasonal changes on the use of adhesive tape, make timely publicity and explanation to customers, and assist customers to improve the environmental conditions of production, storage and other links, such as heating and humidification, so as to facilitate the normal play of adhesive tape performance.

Post time: Dec-07-2022