The installation of the heating chimney of the honeycomb coal stove is critical_use aluminum foil tape to ensure safety

In our previous program, we looked at the safety precautions of using a honeycomb coal stove for winter heating. In the interview, the sale merchant of coal stove also pointed out a few points in the use of coal stove procurement to the citizens. One of the most critical links is the installation and use of the chimney, today we will do a further understanding of this important link.

News Review: Xi ‘an: Honeycomb coal stove heating to pay attention to the purchase and use of pay attention to

The reporter came to Xi ‘an again today Zijiang East Road, franchise coal stove merchant party master said, he also watched our report yesterday, found that some residents in winter heating common problem is the use of chimney installation is not standard, such as the connection between the chimney did not use aluminum foil tape seal.

Black tape and that (scotch tape) are not as good as aluminum foil tape. You are like black tape wrapped and burned out. It also has glue and can melt. It sometimes leaks smoke after melting.

Party master said, a roll of aluminum foil tape is about 5 dollars, and use both high temperature and safety. One customer, Mr. Wang, said his family replaced it with aluminum foil tape this year and the results have been good.

Reporter: How does the tape work?

Customer Master Wang: OK.

Reporter: What are the benefits?

Customer Wang: It doesn’t melt. After melting, the plastic will give off smoke, which is easy to be poisoned by gas.

In addition, many residents installed chimneys are not equipped with elbow pipe, which is also a safety hazard.

Coal stove seller party master: do not install the bend is easy to blow down the wind, blow down the wind, the wind blows to the furnace inside, the gas is blown into the room is very bad smell, installed after the bend, at least it does not blow down the wind.

The enthusiastic master also went with us to the nearby Xiangrong community in Xi ‘an, where we inspected the chimneys installed by the residents and found a lot of safety hazards. Mr. Li, the resident of the community, burned the earth heater and installed a chimney, but the interface was not sealed. Mr. Li said he had been using Scotch tape or black tape in the past, but the results were not very good.

Mr. Li, resident of Xiangrong Community, Xi ‘an: After burning, it slowly gives off a smell of black tape. It must have a smell.

Reporter: Does it age fast?

Mr. Li, resident of Xiangrong Community, Xi ‘an, said: “When we finally take it, it becomes hard, just like a cardboard shell.

The reporter immediately took out our carry-on aluminum foil tape today, Mr. Li’s chimney interface winding seal, to prevent leakage of smoke and gas. Then the reporter went to a shanty town in the northern suburbs of Xi ‘an, because there is no central heating facilities, residents are generally using coal stoves for heating. Spring Xiumei, 86, said that last year she was poisoned by gas once, thanks to the timely discovery of neighbors did not have a major event. After a careful inspection, the reporter first with aluminum foil tape will be the old man’s chimney connection all sealed, and then to the outside of the chimney mouth on the addition of an elbow.


There are still a lot of homes that use coal stoves for heating, but there are very few checks we can do. Hope that through our program can give everyone a demonstration also remind, coal stove heating, safety first.

Post time: Jul-21-2021